Laptop & Desktop Repairs

All types of repairs for your desktop or laptop computer. All work is guaranteed!

Virus & Spyware Removal

Virus and spyware removal is our specialty.  Let us help you today!

Upgrades & Tune-up's

We do hardware upgrades and full tuneup's. Your data is always safe during the process!

Service department

Free Computer Diagnostics

Whenever you bring in your computer to us, we will troubleshoot and diagnose the problems for free. Whether you have us fix it or not, there is never a charge. Once diagnosed, we will inform you of your repair options and how long it takes. 

Hardware Upgrades

If your computer is running slow, maybe it is time to look at some upgrades.  We offer Solid State Hard Drive upgrades.  This can dramatically increase the speed and performance of any computer.  Once you go solid state, you never go back!

Parts & Component Replacement

We can replace a variety of computer hardware components.  Including laptop screens, keyboards, optical drives, hard drives, power supplies and more.  Estimates are always free. 

Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal

We offer a full range of tune up packages and operating system repairs.  Unfortunately,  these days the internet is full of scams and malicious content.  When repairing your computer, our first priority is protecting you data.  Although, it is always a good idea to back up your data.  Ask us how.  Come in today for a free checkup.

Data Transfers or Recovery

Of course, when you purchase any new computer from us, we will transfer all of your personal data for FREE!  But if you need data transferred from your computer to another one, we are happy to help. In the case of a bad hard drive, we will do our best to recover your data.

Free Training & Consulting

Need help or got questions?  We are happy to help.  If you cant figure it out, we can show you.  FREE training is always included with the purchase of any new computer from us.

Internet scams

Tech Support / Microsoft Scam

This is a very annoying scam.  You will be browsing along, or click on some search results and all of a sudden your whole browser is taken over and you cant close it down.  On this scam you may even hear a person speaking, telling you all sorts of bad stuff. It is fake. DO NOT call the phone number.  They will ask for a remote access connection to get into your computer.  This scam comes in many different variants.